Which Las Vegas Hotels Have Airport Shuttles to Get Around the City?

If you are traveling from another destination in the United States to Las Vegas, you may be wondering what is available in the way of hotels and accommodations. While every hotel is likely going to provide you with some form of transportation on the hotel property itself, many hotels also have shuttles to get you to your hotel should you have some free time after your trip. This is especially important if you are flying into Las Vegas and having to fly back into the country. There are some hotels, however that is owned by the hotels themselves and do not provide any form of shuttle.

which las vegas hotels have airport shuttles

One of the most popular forms of transportation for someone just arriving in Las Vegas is their hotel’s shuttle. These shuttles can come in just about any color and they are usually placed at the front of the hotel so that you get a very good view of the Strip. The cars that are riding along will be able to drop you off right in front of the Strip. They will then take you to your room or even their suite if you prefer to stay there. These shuttles are one of the most useful ways to get around town as it allows you to quickly get where you need to go while avoiding driving around the entire city.

The other option for getting around town is using one of the many monorail stations that are scattered throughout the city. These can be more convenient though as they allow you to travel in a straight line. These trains however can be quite noisy and you may want to consider having the kids in the car to keep them quiet if you are traveling alone. These trains can be expensive though so you may want to look at taking one of the Las Vegas hotels shuttle buses. You will have to pay the same price, but it is worth the ride compared to the noise of the monorail.

If you want to know the status of your reservation, you may want to check with the hotel before you check into your room. Some hotels offer this free of charge as part of their room rate deal but others may charge a small fee for this information. Just ask when you arrive to determine if this is included in your package or not. You can also check the internet for information on which hotels have added this extra service.

Once you have arrived into Las Vegas, you may find that you do not want to use the hotel’s transportation to get around. There are many other options for getting around town. You can use the taxi services that are provided by all of the major hotels. These will usually cost you a bit more than the airport shuttles, but you are more likely to get a taxi to your hotel than you are to use the airport shuttles. The taxi services are quite reliable though and are often your best bet in case of a problem getting to your hotel.

If you book your hotel online, you can often book it several days in advance. This gives you plenty of time to get everything arranged so that you can avoid the last minute rush. Some hotels offer last minute deals as well. Just make sure to call and make sure that your reservation has not already been sold out. This can be a real money saver.

Finally, you can ask your travel agent which hotels have airport shuttle programs. They have deals set up with various different airlines and they will make the shuttles to and from your hotel available for you. If you are flying into Las Vegas on weekdays, then this option might be your best bet. Otherwise you will have to use the taxi service.

These days the airport shuttles are quite affordable. You can often get them for as little as $25 per day. That is less than a few cups of coffee. So if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, look into which hotels have airport shuttles to get around town.

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