Where to Stay in Las Vegas

Are you wondering where to stay in Las Vegas? There are a few different areas that will suit your budget and your needs. There are also a few places that you may want to avoid if you plan on spending a lot of money in Las Vegas as some have very high prices. We’ll help you decide on the best route for you by showing you which hotels are the cheapest and by examining some of the perks you can get if you stay at one of them.

The South Strip. South of the Strip lies the main tourist district in Las Vegas. While it is often considered the party capital of Las Vegas, the South Strip also has many hostels and affordable hotels that are within walking distance of some of the attractions in the area such as Fremont Street. The hostels in the area tend to be very clean and comfortable with many having fireplaces and televisions inside. Hostels to stay in las Vegas are a great option for those wanting to experience a little bit of the old glamour without paying the price that it may cost to go to an all inclusive resort.

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel. This hotel is considered to be one of the best hotels to stay in Las Vegas because it is centrally located, has clean and comfortable rooms, and is near many of the attractions in the south strip. This hotel is a great option for families because the location is central and close to many of the fun places in the area. The best hotel to stay at if you plan on hitting the fun spots in the south strip.

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel. This is a favorite among families because of its relaxed atmosphere. Located on the south strip, this hotel is the best choice for those looking to stay in a trendy place in the heart of the action. The hotel offers award winning views of the city as well as spacious rooms that offer more space than most of its competitors. Many of its outdoor swimming pool restaurants also have outdoor eating areas.

The Venetian Hotel. This is our recommendation for the best hotel to stay in downtown las Vegas. This hotel is centrally located in the heart of downtown las Vegas. It is one of the oldest buildings in the area and is well preserved. The amenities and the location are excellent as most of the restaurants are on The Strip.

The Bellagio. This is considered to be the best hotels to stay in Las Vegas because of its stylish location, luxurious accommodations, and quality amenities. This is a five star facility with many restaurants and casinos. It is centrally located near the main party streets of Las Vegas. There are also many bars and restaurants downtown to enjoy.

The Venetian. This is a relatively quiet area where you can find more secluded surroundings. Many of the houses in this area are older and the average age is below thirty. The area around the Venetian is one of the most exclusive and leafy strips in las Vegas, with some very expensive condominiums and row houses in the centre of this neighbourhood.

Finally, we have our three favourite places to stay in las Vegas. They are the Ritz-Carlton, the Venetian and the Bellagio. While the Ritz Carlton is amongst the best luxury hotels in the world, it is not our favourite option for a Las Vegas holiday. The Venetian is a great place to eat if you like Strip style food and the Bellagio has some great attractions including the Poker Palace. If you travel with your family, the south strip is the place to stay at for much of their Las Vegas holiday.

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