When Will Las Vegas Open Again?

Just when you thought that you are done with the world’s hottest nightclub, there is another nightclub that will open up in town. When will Las Vegas reopen? It is a question that many residents and travelers ponder each day. The answer could be sooner than you think. If you are able to plan your vacation properly you might be able to visit this amazing city anytime between now and February of next year. The weather in Las Vegas during most of the year is almost perfect.

Although there are no guarantees when will Las Vegas reopen, the first official statement that the mayor of Las Vegas made about the possibility of a return was in June of 2021. At that time the casino was about to go through a massive overhaul. There were new buildings being erected around the old casinos. The renovation project included tearing down some of the older hotels. The mayor said that it was going to take seven years for the project to complete, but that it was all being done to ensure that Las Vegas would never lose its appeal as a great place to visit again.

Just before the mayor made those statements, there was news that there was a deadly virus outbreak in California which was believed to be the cause of a large number of deaths. This news devastated the gambling industry in Las Vegas. The number of deaths has since climbed into the hundreds of thousands. Many people have blamed the death rate on the long delays in opening the las Vegas casinos. The delays seem to be taking longer than the officials originally promised. When will las Vegas reopen without the deadly virus problem?

One of the issues that has been discussed over the reopening of the casinos is the social distancing that some casino goers are experiencing. In many cases this has been attributed to the image that Las Vegas has portrayed itself as. The building sites and streets that are the sites for the seven deadly sin cities of the world are sites with very strong images of evil and danger. When will las Vegas reopen with all of the social distancing that the public is feeling?

Another issue is the lack of public transportation that will be needed for the reopening of the Las Vegas strip. People are living in areas of the city that are very close together. However, the thought of someone having to ride a crowded bus or cab to get from one area to another could cause some people to not frequent the strip. When will las Vegas opens up with adequate and reliable public transportation?

These are just a few of the issues that are being discussed when the reopening of the casinos is being considered. What is needed instead is an honest and forthright dialogue about how the casinos can improve their chances of success in the future. The honest talk is not easy to find but there are experts on this topic that are willing to make it known. Some of the concerns have to do with the way the casinos treat their guests as well as the way they maintain their properties. It should be noted that the general complaint about the way the casinos are run does not reflect the casino employees. Most of these complaints come from the customers that do not like the services that they receive.

One thing that has been proposed in an attempt to improve the way the casinos operate involves creating a working group that would include the head of the Las Vegas Strip Authority as well as some of the other local officials. The idea is for these groups to come up with a set of guidelines for the reopening of the casinos. This would include such things as improved guest satisfaction, more secure guest restrooms, more efficient gaming flooring and more safety plans. These safety plans and guidelines would include things like eliminating all alcohol sales at the casinos and eliminating all slot machines that can be gained access to the property by a guest without purchasing a ticket.

With the recent shooting on the Las Vegas Strip that claimed the lives of more than one hundred people it has become more important than ever for the residents of this city to have an honest conversation about how to improve the operation of the casinos in their midst. In addition to this open discussion about what can be done to improve the quality of life for the people living in this city a solution has been proposed by the city of Las Vegas. This solution calls for a study that will be completed by June of 2021. This study will bring to light improvements that can be made to the security procedures at the las Vegas casinos and also the management plan that will allow them to better serve their visitors.

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