When Does Las Vegas Reopen?

So when does Las Vegas reopen? This question has been on many people’s minds since the deadly virus swept through the country. There are some experts who believe that the casino and music festival that was shut down indefinitely may spring back to life as early as January or February. Others say it could take as long as a month. The temperatures in Las Vegas have been consistently high in the winter, so it makes you wonder when the heat will finally stop and the casinos will once again resume normal business.

An epidemic of something like the SARS virus doesn’t necessarily indicate an outbreak of the virus itself. It’s possible that the sudden closure was caused by a mistake or an error in reporting. It could also be that people simply became too concerned about the possibility of a new outbreak of SARS and shut down the casinos until everything was clear. The truth is that no one really knows where the closure came from. Most likely it was a mistake due to a misinformation campaign on the part of a large pharmaceutical company that is no longer in business.

There is no sure way of knowing when does las Vegas reopen. Some officials state that it could be weeks, months, or even years after an outbreak occurs. The casino would then have to take “its balls” off the floor and get everything back to normal before they can open for business again. Of course, it’s hard to imagine them shutting down for good, but it is possible to make hypotheticals.

If a casino were to re-open with the understanding that they might not be able to open as usual for months or even years, how would that affect its financial health? Obviously the casino wouldn’t be operating at breakneck speed. It might start to lose money quickly. Then it would be difficult to get investors to loan it money because it would be considered a “perceived risk”. Investors are leery of new ventures with unknown chances of success.

If the virus outbreak wasn’t bad enough, now the casino has to deal with the aftermath. Would they allow pets inside? Would they have a time period to clean up? How about other types of customers – those who enjoy dining out or shopping in the strip mall? How would they feel about going back to those locations after a perceived bout with the flu?

No one really knows when does Las Vegas reopen. But the truth is, they probably won’t know until it’s too late. And when the economy hits rock bottom, it’s hard to be thinking about the future. Nobody in the financial services field likes to predict when things are going to get better. But if you were able to foretell the economy’s future before it hit rock bottom, maybe you should consider doing that job.

It would be interesting to see what happens when the hotel, the casino, and the people all take a hit. After a brief recovery, would they return to the same levels they were at before the virus outbreak? That’s impossible to say, but it’s also impossible to project.

Right now, the economic outlook is looking better for Las Vegas than it has in years. The outlook for the city as a whole is also looking much better. But what do the tourists do when the casino doors open for the first time after an outbreak? That’s right – they head over to one of the other hotels that just opened. It’s too soon to worry about when doing las Vegas reopen.

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