What Is the Weather in Las Vegas?

what is the weather in las vegas

What Is the Weather in Las Vegas?

The question on many a person’s mind is “what is the weather in Las Vegas?” Every year thousands of people visit this unique desert city and wonder what the weather is like. It is quite easy to answer that question with a simple click of the mouse on any internet website. All you have to do is provide your name and birthdate and the website will spit back an accurate prediction for what the weather in Vegas will be like. This is an easy way to get a hint about what to wear, what to watch out for and what time of day to go out for the day.

Las Vegas is always in the heat. From March to November their temperature exceeds over 90 degrees. They even have temperatures that high during the winter. So, if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas this may be a good time to check the weather. You might want to pack a sweater and a light jacket for when it gets cold. Of course no one will take you out in the snow, so no worries there too.

The only bad weather in Las Vegas is that it can get quite cold. But the nice thing is that it rarely gets very cold. The average temperature is around sixty-eight during most days. There can be variations from day to day but the range can be anywhere from fifty to a hundred degrees. Most people think that if it seems cold then it probably is, but this isn’t necessarily true.

You will find that the temperature changes with the season. Spring, summer and fall are among the mildest months in Las Vegas. Early morning and early evening temperatures are often warm enough that you might not need to pack a warm coat. In addition to spring and fall there is winter, which has temperatures that freeze in the air. So, what is the weather in las Vegas if it freezes?

You might not need to pack a coat because it will still be warm. For one thing it will probably not freeze. This does not mean that the weather in Las Vegas is unpredictable. A quick look at the winter months in the northeast makes it obvious that the question “what is the weather in Las Vegas?” is not easily answered in the winter months.

The northeast United States is not typical of any other month in the United States in the winter. There is a good reason why it is so cold there. A quick look at the weather map tells the visitor everything they need to know about what is the weather in Las Vegas. There is usually a chill in the air around the casinos during these months.

Las Vegas has a long history with the weather. Many stories have been written about the hot and the cold, the showers and the thunderstorms. So the weather in Las Vegas is nothing new. The weather in Las Vegas is just unusual. It is probably the best explanation as to why the temperature is so high in the month of January and why it drops in the months of July and August.

If you are planning on visiting Las Vegas in the spring or summer, you may want to check the weather before you leave. You may be surprised at how much the temperature actually varies from day to day. In addition, if you are visiting in the winter months, you will want to check out the weather before you plan on going to Las Vegas. In order to get some idea of what is the weather in Las Vegas, take a trip to the National Weather Service’s website and take a look at the daily weather report for the month of January.

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