What Is the Weather in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas, Nevada is a beautiful city and home to some of the most luxurious accommodations in the world. There are many events that take place in this city during the summer months, but what is the weather in Las Vegas? It can be very hot during the daytime, but it can also become quite uncomfortable at night because of the heat and humidity. Knowing what is the weather in Las Vegas is important for people who visit this exciting location on a daily basis.

There are many outdoor activities in Las Vegas that people enjoy. The Bunkhouse casino is one of the most famous locations in the city where individuals can go for fun in the sun. During the daytime hours, the water fountain in the center of the Bunkhouse has water pouring down onto the floor. However, at nighttime, the water will turn into steam and run up the stairs. The heated floor allows individuals to cool off when the heat is too hot outside but allows those in the Bunkhouse to stay cool during the summer months.

Another outdoor activity that is popular in Las Vegas is cycling during the day. This is a fun activity for both adults and children. Some cycle in the morning while others ride at night. There are even solar powered bikes that can be rented for an inexpensive price during the day. An air conditioning unit is not needed because the temperature on a hot day is still comfortable.

The average temperature in Las Vegas on an exceptionally hot day is ninety-eight degrees Fahrenheit. However, there are nights when the heat is much more intense. It may only be around eighty degrees during the day time, but nighttime temperatures can reach as high as one hundred degree Fahrenheit. During the hottest periods of the day, there are concerns about heat exhaustion. A lot of people who work in hotels or casinos will tell you that they use air conditioning during the hotter parts of the day to stay cool, but they still need to get to the casinos or their rooms to work.

When the heat is mild enough, it is a beautiful day in Las Vegas. The heat does make it a little challenging to walk around, but the air conditioning ensures that everyone is comfortable. Evenings can be pleasantly cool with a light breeze blowing.

The heat index, which measures the rate of temperature increase over the course of an hour, can get rather high in the afternoon. Even on days where the heat index is high, there are ways to prevent the heat from overwhelming you. For instance, if you are planning on running errands or shopping, the heat is not going to kill you. It is important to remember that it can get very hot at night, so cooling off before you hit the stores is a good idea. Remember to bring a sweater along when you do hit the stores so that you can stay comfortable.

Evenings in Las Vegas are typically quite cool. Even at night, the heat barely bothers anyone. Most of the heat is actually from overhead lighting and from the heat of the surrounding air. When you go outside to enjoy the weather, you will appreciate the relief of the air conditioning as you kick back in your air conditioned chair.

You do need to watch out for the heat at night. If you are planning on going to a nightclub, you might want to take a couple of steps to prepare for the heat. Wear a light jacket and long pants. Also, drink lots of water. Overall, the weather in Las Vegas is not too hot, but it can be hot day.

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