What Hotels Allow Dogs in Las Vegas?

Doggie beds are becoming increasingly common in many hotels and motels in Las Vegas. Although some hotels do not allow pets altogether, most will allow your furry (and sometimes non-feral) companion to jump up on the bed in his or her own room. Unfortunately, some hotels do not follow this policy, and a number of dogs have been left upset, sore, and even vomiting after making the long trip across town just to get to their beds. How can you tell which hotels allow dogs?

what hotels allow dogs in las vegas

The first thing to look for is a website listing what hotels allow dogs. Look for the words “Dog” and “Smiling Dog” next to the hotel name. If the website includes photographs, make sure those two are of your dog, and that they are face visible. Also check to see if the hotel has more than one pictures available of your dog(s). If a hotel limits how many photos can be posted or only allows your pet owners to post one, look elsewhere for a better facility.

Check with your local AKC chapter to see if there are any rules against bringing your pets onto the property. Some hotels have rules against pets altogether, which can be circumvented by calling ahead to the hotel before you leave. Be aware that some states prohibit hotels from letting pets inside, so this may not be a safe option for your family vacation.

It’s important to ask about “doggy-style” areas in the lobby. Some hotels actually allow you to bring your dog in the lobby, and some won’t. If your dog happens to bark, it’s polite to immediately redirect your dog away from other patrons and toward a designated area outside of everyone else’s feet. Most hotels will have a sign letting patrons know they can do this.

You may also want to check with the property’s rules on televisions in the rooms. Some hotels don’t allow televisions at all in the rooms, but others allow a small video game console. Before you reserve your reservation, ask the manager about these policies. It’s best to get a heads up before you arrive to make sure your family is going home to a clean, healthy place.

If you have other pets that will need to stay in the room with your dog, such as another dog, be aware that the hotel will most likely require that they stay very close to each other. This is because they need to be able to interact with each other in case there is an emergency. It’s important that they can see each other at all times, especially when their animals aren’t used to being in the same room. In most cases, though, a single dog will be fine in most rooms.

If you are staying at a hotel where there is a pool, then you should know what hotels allow dogs in Las Vegas with their dogs. Many places include water in their pools, and it’s important for them to be near water at all times. You can usually find out what hotels allow pets in the rooms by calling the desk number or checking online. In addition to keeping your pets near to water, you should also have a rule that they can relieve themselves in the bathroom.

If you are traveling with your family, you should ask any questions you have before you book the reservation. Although many hotels will happily tell you what hotels allow pets in Las Vegas, if they do not specify, you should ask. You should also take a look at any special stipulations about pets when you call the hotel.

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