What Bars Are Open in Las Vegas Right Now?

If you have been planning a trip to Las Vegas for some time then you know just how many great things are open in the city. From casinos to restaurants to clubs, there is always something fun and exciting to do in Las Vegas. But with all the excitement one might wonder what bars are open in Las Vegas at the moment. Well the first thing that you need to do is decide what kind of entertainment you are looking for. If you are interested in playing casino games then you have a few different kinds of casinos that are open. The Las Vegas Strip has several casinos that are open at night so that people can enjoy themselves at the strip without worrying about the lights going out.

One of the most popular casino bars in Las Vegas is called the Limelight. This bar features four different nightclubs all featuring their own unique brand of music and dancing. Most of the guests that visit the Limelight are from out of town and come to enjoy the fun that is can have at a club.

Another casino that is open at night in Las Vegas is called the Paris Las Vegas. This is a bar that is very popular with celebrities and other visitors. This club features music from world famous DJs. One thing that people love about this bar is that it has open floor plans that allow the customers to move around and get the best view of the dancers. It is not uncommon for celebrities to spend a few hours at this bar every night before heading out to the casinos.

The House of Blues is another one of the more popular Las Vegas clubs. This is a bar that has been featured in some of the most famous movies of the 80’s including ” interstate 80″. This is also one of the more popular bars in the area that is open at night. Some of the entertainment that can be found at this club includes blues music, hip hop music, and other types of music that will keep you dancing the night away. There is karaoke during the weekends as well.

The Roxy is one of the most famous dance clubs in Las Vegas. This is a favorite among celebrities and others who enjoy dancing. Some of the entertainers that can be found here include sensations like Britney Spears and David Hasselhoff. This is an open sign, which means that anyone can come in and enjoy the fun. On the weekends there is live music in the back bar.

Another one of the popular Las Vegas nightclubs is the Xscape. This is a bar that is open most nights. The Xscape is very popular for showing films on the big screen. There is live entertainment and some of the best showgirls in the world can be found here. This is a place where you will be able to meet people who have just arrived in town. There is plenty to do while you are here, so make sure that you stick around and enjoy all that the Xscape has to offer.

Finally there is the House of Blues. This is a legendary club where famous faces have been known to frequent. It is a mainstay in Las Vegas and is known for showing films and plays. It is one of the main destinations for what bars are open in Las Vegas right now.

These are just a few of the nightclubs that are open right now in Las Vegas. There are others that you might be familiar with such as the Red Cap, L Liquor store, or even Bumbers. These are just some of the main places that are open late night. However, these were the main topics for our list of what bars are open in Las Vegas right now. If there are other places that you can visit that are open after hours, then we encourage you to use our search engine so that you will have a complete listing of all of the Las Vegas nightclubs that are open after hours.

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