How to Travel From Vegas to North Las Vegas, Nevada

If you want to go to Las Vegas, there is no city that can beat it as the biggest casino show on earth. This city is full of excitement and grandeur from the time you step on its doors to the time you are enjoying your last party after days of hard living. Las Vegas has always been the hot spot for gambling, showgirls and other glitzy elements but what most people don’t know is where is Las Vegas?

where is las vegas

The simple answer to this question is that this destination is simply beyond numbers. It has everything to offer tourists. The hotels, shows, gambling, restaurants and other attractions in the Sin City are enough to lure anyone in. The trick is to make sure you have the right information when planning to visit las Vegas. Start by getting some of the basic Las Vegas Hotels in this wonderful city.

The Clark County Visitors Bureau has done extensive research on which area of las Vegas is best suited for your trip to Sin City. The county has divided the entire city into seven municipalities namely, Old Vegas, Downtown Las Vegas, Valley View-Vegas, Vineyard Village, North Vegas, North Charleston and South Vegas. With so much in this one area, tourists usually fall in love with their choice in which area to visit. Here are some of the top tourist destinations you can visit while in this town:

Old Vegas, also known as the Entertainment District, is located on the west side of las Vegas. This is where you can find all the major casinos, strip joints and restaurants. Of course you can also enjoy great food, fun and shows in this old part of town. There are a number of tourist destinations you can visit in Old Vegas.

The world-famous Vegas Strip is where the majority of people who come to las Vegas for a vacation go. Here they can enjoy amazing shopping, dining and gambling establishments. There is no shortage of things to do in the Strip. You can visit the famous nightclubs like The Riviera and The Bellagio while wandering the casino floor. To see a glimpse of what the Strip is like, you might want to check out the light-filled Las Vegas Aerial Tram.

If you are looking for a great place to visit with families or with friends, then you should definitely consider North Las Vegas. This part of town is a wonderful place to spend a holiday or just relaxing. Many movies have been shot here at one of the many movie studios. North Las Vegas is home to a variety of shopping malls as well as world class eating places.

When it comes to traveling from Vegas to North Las Vegas, you will find that the best time to travel is during the summer. Although it may be hot in some areas during the day, it warms up nicely at night. You will be able to travel from North Vegas to Las Vegas in about five hours. During this short drive you will get to see all of the main cities that make up the Strip. In total, this route is approximately twenty-two kilometers long.

Although the road where you are planning on driving to Las Vegas from tends to be long and winding, it is definitely an easy way to travel from Las Vegas to North Las Vegas. You will be able to drive to this area using any one of the major highways. With the speed that you would experience during the daylight hours, you will be amazed at how fast you travel in the Las Vegas Strip.

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