How Many Casinos Are in Las Vegas?

How many casinos are in Las Vegas, Nevada? It kind of depends on your idea of the “Strip,” but in general, thirty-six to fifty-eight is the number that most people use, or at least, have used. The official count is thirty-two. The thirty-two list was compiled by an independent group of Las Vegas Sands Corp. employees and consultants called the Sands Research and Planning Association. The association crunched the numbers by looking at hotel and casino traffic data, taking into account income and other factors.

how many casinos are in las vegas

How many tables are at a casino table? About two hundred and fifty. Most casinos have up to nine tables. In fact, some of the old stand bys on the strip are now part of these casinos. Seven-card stud, blackjack, and craps were the most popular game table games back in the day, and there are still many of them around.

Now, consider how many poker tables are in all of those other casinos? How many table games do they have? One hundred and forty-four to be exact.

Now consider the most popular card game at many of the Vegas casinos. Poker is a huge draw, and there are about five thousand different variations of it. The top eight slots games at any one casino is likely to feature at least one variation of poker. Add in video poker and roulette and you have quite a nice little crowd.

What about the poker chips? Do the ones at the other tables have poker chips in them? Would they all look the same to a visitor who did not know the difference between a royal flush and an Omaha? A visiting guest would not. This is just one example of how many casinos are in Las Vegas.

Add to this the number of individual slot machines and the number of table games and you have several thousand more than just the number of casinos. For every one hundred and fifty rooms there would be approximately three hundred slots, plus the video slots, plus poker machines. If one goes to Vegas once a year, he would expect to see at least that many gambling establishments.

And how many of those places would actually stay open year round? When one thinks that Vegas is a tourist destination, he would automatically assume that most of it closes during the week. That may be true, but how many of those tourists really go back? It is true that many of them go to Atlantic City, but is it not more likely that they would go to Las Vegas if they knew it was on their way?

Is it possible that we are seeing Las Vegas’ growth on a subconscious level? Maybe there are already too many visitors to keep them all happy. There has been a lot of negative press about Las Vegas over the years, much of which has been well written and very well reported. Does all that negative press hurt the image? Perhaps, but probably not.

It must be remembered that Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. Every week thousands of people flock to the city and spend millions of dollars. A Las Vegas casino can easily sustain a hundred percent occupancy rate for several consecutive weeks in a year. And this does not include any one particular week. If occupancy rates were that high, you could probably count the number of times that the casino has opened and closed during that time on a chalkboard.

Another thing to consider is the fact that Las Vegas is very different from most cities. Most cities have a central location and have a handful of neighborhood locations. Las Vegas is an entirely unique place with its odd hotels and casinos all over the city. The result is a proliferation of highly convenient locations. The average gamer will spend twice as long in one casino as the average person in any other city.

Do the math. If you were going to gamble at one of the Las Vegas casinos, how much money would you want to spend? That question would assume that you knew the answer to that question. In reality, most gamblers don’t know this information. They go in thinking they’re going to “loot” the bankroll.

Instead, they wind up staying for one reason or another. And by the time they leave, they’ve spent way more than they intended. So, do your math before you gamble at one of the Las Vegas casinos. You’ll be glad that you did.

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