How Long Is the Las Vegas Strip?

how long is the las vegas strip

How Long Is the Las Vegas Strip?

One question often asked about the famous Las Vegas Strip is “How long is it?” The answer is that it varies greatly depending on the day. The daytime views are spectacular as well as the sounds and sights that fill the air. It begins early in the morning as the light reflects off the buildings turning it into an amazing sight.

Starting at the Venetian Hotel, the Strip stretches for miles. Lined with upscale hotel resorts, the bright neon-lit Strip is quintessential Las Vegas. In addition to gambling casinos, the vast, multi-colored hotel complexes house restaurants, shops, and other performance venues for dance, theater and circus-style shows. The largest attraction on the strip is the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, with its two-block extension to the original hotel that boasts one of the longest continuously operating hotels in Las Vegas. Tourists will also love the numerous shopping and entertainment centers that dot the strip.

Just as the daytime views are spectacular, so is the nightlife on the Las Vegas Strip. Millions flock to the Las Vegas Strip every year to see showgirls in sexy attire or listen to live music performed by some of the country’s top entertainers. There are also shows featuring stand-up comedies, musicals and films. The concerts, shows and parties can stretch on all night long, sometimes all weekend. While many visitors simply to enjoy the strip during the daytime or after dark, others enjoy the party atmosphere during the nights when the tourists of Las Vegas are still there.

For those who are visiting for the first time, it can be difficult to gauge the actual length of the Las Vegas Strip. With its endless casinos, hotels and restaurants, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Many people who visit Vegas for the first time underestimate how long it will take to go around. They may even think that they’ll be able to walk from one venue to another without being consumed by the night’s festivities. Vegas is a wonderful destination and with plenty of planning and attention to detail, any visit is guaranteed to be a memorable one. A first-timer to Las Vegas should never leave the strip before taking a “Ferry ride over the Strip” to get a true feel for the nightlife.

First, a visitor to Vegas should get familiar with the time zones. Each time zone operates differently and can have an effect on the experience in Vegas. If a visitor needs to see a show during the morning or evening, he/she should check to see if they will be able to watch it at his/her time of day. Vegas is a unique destination and visitors should be prepared for any contingency. Even if someone is accustomed to seeing a show at night, he/she should give Vegas a try during the daytime when the lights are lower and the streets are less busy.

It helps to know the history of the Las Vegas strip when making plans to visit. The original strip was built in the mid 1960s as a way for casino owners to create more space for games. Although the casino experience is the main reason for visitors, there are still millions of people who visit the strip every single night. The original design included high fences along the entire length of the strip so that people walking by could not just look at the gambling houses but also have a view of the lights. Today, all the Strip’s familiar fence designs have been removed except for the taller structures which remain. Although many of the original structures are in good shape, it would still be helpful to know how long the longest sections of the strip are.

A visitor also needs to consider how long it will take to get to Vegas from their hotel. While a visitor can usually drive to Vegas on a normal highway, the lodging accommodations along the way may not be close to each other. There are ways to connect the hotels to one another such as using shuttles, taxis, or airfare. Knowing how long it will take to get to Vegas from a particular hotel can help make the trip more enjoyable because visitors do not need to plan ahead to be able to get to Vegas in a timely manner.

Planning how long it will take to travel from one point on the Las Vegas strip to another is a necessity before one sets out on the trip. The Vegas strip has everything that anyone could possibly want from a trip to Las Vegas. With amazing hotels, shows, shopping, dining, and great action for every visitor, Vegas offers something for everyone. Although visitors will notice that the strip is especially popular with men twenty-five years and older, that does not mean that the woman of the house should miss out.

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