How Big Is Las Vegas?

When you consider how big is Las Vegas and breaking the world record for most casinos there, you might be inclined to think that is a rather big number. In fact, it almost certainly is, though many people mistakenly think that the majority of this area is merely crawling with humanity. For most of us who have been to Vegas over the years, we know that much of the time it is very quiet indeed. It’s a nice place to play golf or just enjoy the relative quiet of gambling and shopping without the noise and chaos so common elsewhere.

As it turns out, how big is Las Vegas really depends upon whom you ask. For some, breaking the Strip’s stretch mark record of more than six hundred thousand visitors annually is not even an issue. To them it’s perfectly normal and even quite admirable. For others who have to travel through the Hoover Dam, which is one of the largest man-made structures in the world, to get to Vegas, they will tell you it isn’t quite as impressive.

But even for these folks the question of how big is Las Vegas is worth answering in terms of monetary compensation. Certainly Las Vegas is a feast for the eyes. Even without the well known attractions of the strip such as the grand hotel suites and casinos, Vegas still provides one of the most dazzling experiences anywhere. The sheer size of the strip and its appeal are certainly a big part of what makes Las Vegas such a delight to visit. But the local specialists who make it all happen are nearly as worthy of a celebration as the gambling and showgirls.

First off, the north gallery of Las Vegas is perhaps the world’s tallest structure by far. At over 500 feet high, the north wall of the Grand Canyon provides some of the finest views of the country from the west coast. From this perch you can look down on the Strip, the lights of Las Vegas and even across the Valley into California. Imagine flying over the Hoover Dam with the sound of the rushing waters behind you. It sounds almost too good to be true but the north gallery of las Vegas does indeed exists.

Just west of the Hoover Dam on the south side of town are two huge pieces of housing and entertainment-no matter where in las Vegas you plan to stay you will not be far away from them. The Hoover Dam Housing Complex is made up of over thirteen thousand houses, apartments and condos. The photogenic Silverton Pavilion and the Bellagio Center for the Performing Arts are just two blocks away on the northwest. Tourists looking for a glimpse of the glamorous glitz and glamour of the Grand Canyon will find the elegant Las Vegas Showroom a block away on the southwest corner of the complex.

Of course, not everything about las Vegas is pleasant, and one of the negatives about Las Vegas is the weather. Visitors who visit during the spring or fall months will find that the heat can be stifling in the summer heat. And although the casinos are opened slightly earlier than their normal schedules, there are still days when the casino doors open early as Las Vegas witnesses the start of winter. While one can be sure that the temperature will warm up in time for Christmas, how will you get to enjoy the silver screens, the shows and the shopping?

Thankfully, there are some places in las Vegas that offer respite from the heat. The Nevada Performing Arts Center (NPA) has four venues that host more than three hundred shows each year. Among these performances are reNo-Sparks, a company that has been around since 1974 and is run by two former Broadway dancers, along with concerts by such notable acts as Cirque du Soleil, and the Jackie Evisu show. All shows take place during non-peak hours, which indicate that the temperature does not exceed eighty-five degrees all day long, making it a pleasant holiday experience.

While a Las Vegas holiday is most popular with tourists looking to sightsee or take in a performance, it is the casinos that offer one of the most exciting experiences in the city. Cirque du Soleil shows in particular are among the most popular in Las Vegas; indeed, there is not a show on earth that can match the legendary reputation of Cirque du Soleil. And while one might think that it would be hard to find a show during the height of the holiday rush, that is not the case. There are literally weeks worth of shows set aside just for Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving and other holidays; and shows run all month long. That’s how big is Las Vegas!

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