Finding a Good Place to Stay in Las Vegas

where to stay in las vegas

Finding a Good Place to Stay in Las Vegas

Where to Stay in Las Vegas, the first time visitor or experienced visitor. Here is some info to get you started on your way. South Vegas

South Strip – This is the most famous area of Las Vegas, also the hottest. There are all kinds of activities in this area from world class hotels and casinos to all kinds of restaurants and bars. Some of the more popular attractions here are the Stratosphere, The Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Bellagio. Most visitors come here during the week. But there is usually a lot of action on weekends.

North Strip – Also known as the Entertainment District. It is where all the shows and concerts are. Also contains some of the best hotels in Las Vegas including The Venetian, The Paris Las Vegas and the Venetian at Grand Canal. Very cool places to be if you like shopping. Unfortunately some of the best hotels in the city are only a few blocks away.

Central Strip – This is the oldest part of Las Vegas, the place where gambling originally began. One of the best things about this strip is that it has a lot of historical value. The hotels here are very affordable and there are a number of recreational opportunities including live entertainment. There are also many live shows every night.

East Side districts – These are the quietest areas in Las Vegas and contain mostly single family houses and condos. They tend to be a little farther away from the action than the other “out-of-town” neighbourhoods but they also have a less chewed-up feel. Many of these come complete with laundry facilities so you won’t need to worry about getting your clothes dirty. The “neighbourhoods” known as south strip and west side are just a couple of the East Side neighbourhoods but we recommend you research each area before making a decision.

South Strip – The South Strip is the oldest part of Las Vegas but is also one of the hottest. This area houses the Caesar’s Palace, famous for its shows on television. The hotels here are a bit more expensive but they provide some of the best shows on television and some of the hottest clubs and casinos. The nightclubs here rival the best clubs in Vegas, even though there are fewer of them.

West Side – This is the most populated area of las Vegas. The West Side mainly consists of apartments and condos. It also includes the old part of town that has been torn down. The West Side offers a lot of entertainment including the famous Las Vegas strip joints along with some of the restaurants and bars that dot the city. The strip joints and restaurants tend to be expensive so if you can afford to hang out here, you should. But it’s a fun place to hang out.

North Side – This neighbourhood has everything you could possibly want on the Northside of Las Vegas with numerous hotels, casinos, restaurants and nightclubs. Unfortunately, there are not many places to sleep when in this area but there are some great nightlife venues such as The Paris on the north end of the strip and Shacks on the south end of the strip. The best way to get to where to stay in las Vegas.

Central City – This is one of the oldest parts of downtown las Vegas. It has many of the same type of restaurants, hotels and nightclubs that you will find on the West Side of las Vegas. However, the amenities are a bit lacking when compared to the strip. A central city apartment or a nice hotel suite would be your best bet for staying in downtown.

South of downtown is the Strip Districts. They are filled with infamous Las Vegas hotels such as the Venetian and The Bellagio. They are some of the hottest places to be while in town. Out of all the areas in las Vegas, the South Strip is where to stay in for the cheapest prices. Most of the hotels are centrally located and there are plenty of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

East of Las Vegas are the communities of North Las Vegas. These areas are usually more laid back and quiet. There aren’t as many luxurious and exclusive options as the Strip but they are still a fun place to stay in las Vegas. Outlying areas to choose from would be South Downtown, Olde Town, Henderson, and North Vegas. No matter which neighbourhood you decide to stay in las Vegas, you will be surrounded by amazing people, beautiful attractions and some of the best shopping in the world.

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