A Guide to Traveling in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area

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A Guide to Traveling in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area

The cosmopolitan hub of the West, Las Vegas is a traveler’s paradise. With its endless gambling casinos, luxurious hotels and casinos, glitzy shows and entertainment venues, it is one of the most famous places on earth. With more than two hundred days of sunshine, Las Vegas is considering one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It has become a major tourist destination for people from all over the world.

Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains on all sides, making it an excellent place to be at any time of the year. However, the winter season is when you will truly appreciate the lush greenery all around the city. The climate of las Vegas during this season is quite mild and perfect for outdoor activities. Spring, summer, fall and winter are the usual seasons in las Vegas but the weather in winter is quite extreme with temperatures reaching ninety degrees Fahrenheit at times. For this reason, you will find that a visit to las Vegas during the winter months is quite an enjoyable experience because of the crisp winter air and beautiful scenery.

The climate in las Vegas during the summer can get pretty hot, especially during the month of June. June and July can also experience temperatures as high as the high seventies with the humidity being high. The humidity during these months can reach as high as ninety-seven percent and the summer temperature can reach up to seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity during the spring and fall is also very high, sometimes reaching up to ten percent.

Another unique thing about las Vegas is its famous “Martial Arts” arena and glitzy shows that attract millions of people every year to this city. The world famous Las Vegas Strip is perhaps the best known location for all of these dazzling and glamorous shows but there are actually many more locations in this huge city that are equally impressive and all serve one purpose; to entertain. Every night in las Vegas, there is a show that puts on before a crowd and this usually starts on the Grand Canyon. But take a look around another part of the city and you will see some other amazing things.

Take the National Mall for instance, which is right in the heart of town and is definitely a sight to behold. On one side of the mall are the wonderful Women’s Resort and on the other side of the mall are the America’s Cup Racing Site. Both these sites are definitely places that you want to check out and they provide excellent entertainment while you are in town. Take a trip to the coliseum, which is right in downtown las Vegas and it provides even more entertainment options. There is also the coliseum, the Aquarium and the Grand Canyon right in downtown las Vegas together with several other attractions and things to do.

While we are in the middle of all of this, I wanted to bring up the topic of freeways and the strip. Freeways are certainly great for travelers get the benefit of a magnificent view of the highways and cities. But for those who are visiting las Vegas for the first time or even for an extended stay there, I would highly recommend taking a trip to the southern part of town and the main article of interest here is the National Association for Real Estate and Casino Finance.

The main article of interest in this section of the newsletter is titled “Downtown Las Vegas Strip.” This gives a very in depth look at both the hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. In the middle of the city limits you will find the Venetian and Casco de Pollo. On the eastern edge is the Tivoli Gardens and on the western edge of the strip is the Bellagio. All of these hotels and casinos are very popular with tourists.

One thing that should be mentioned in this main article is the freeways that crisscross the city. Freeways make the travel in and out of Las Vegas easier and safer. There is a toll for each one so you will have to pay your tolls at some point. The other benefit of using freeways is that they cut down on the travel time and allow you to see more of the Strip. Another idea to help travelers navigate the Las Vegas metropolitan area, especially the strip, is to look up a travel guide that will tell you more about the hotels, casinos, restaurants and shows in the area.

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